University of Kordofan Staff Members











Personal Data: Magzoub Alsaid Ahmed Mohamad.

Experience:- 18 Year *

Sex:- Male *

Country of origin:- Sudan *

Work Address:- University of Kordofan , Alobied , Sudan *

Dean, Center of peace and development studies*

Personal phone:- Cell phone (0912316714), (0123162182)*

E-mail Address:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..*

Place of birth:- Alkhuwai – west Kordofan State – Sudan. *

Date of birth:- January 1967*

First Language:- Arabic *

Second Language:- English *

Marital Status:- Married*

Degree:- ph.D in Linguistics*

Educational Background:

* Ph.D. Degree, in English language (Applied linguistics) University of Kordofan Facuty of Arts (implementing computer assisting in teaching English language)

* M.A. Degree in linguistics (psycholinguistics) University of Kordofan Faculty of Arts (The Effect of Brain damage on Arabic Language Ability)

* B.A. honor- First class- University of Kordofan Faculty of Arts (Morphology) (morphological Processes and Creating New Lexical Items)

Present Status and post.

Dean, Center for Peace and development studies. University of Kordofan From 2016-up to date.

Workshop and Training Courses:-

*Workshop of how to write a research – Ministry of high Education and Scientific Research.

*Workshop of developing and advancement in the scope of comprehensive quality in high Education.*

Workshop entitled:-

*End note as reference management too.

How to avoid plagiarism in Scientific publication.*

A course of Business Administration.*

*Courses of Computer – Introduction- Operation- Windows- Word- Excel- Advance Dos- program.

*Training course on Governance, Peace and Security.

*Advance training in writing research methodology – University of Kordofan

*Training on statistical software 2014 Omdorman Islamic University.

Professional Development:-

*Assistant professor at the Department of English – Faculty of Arts- University of Kordofan.

*Director, Center for Peace and Development tudies.

*Co- coordinator – Department of English –North Kordofan College.

*Lecturer at Department of English –Faculty of Arts – University of Kordofan

*Lecturer at North Kordofan Colege.

*Lecturer at Alobied Technical College.

*Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering.

*Lecturer at Health and Science Academy

Symposium and Conferences:-

*International Conference of Mediators for Peace and conflict resolution.(Lipnan-Beirot).

Research Papers and Articles:-

*Two Papers Published in International Journal of a Scientific Progress and research (IJSPR) Issue 156 volume 56. Number.01. February 2019.

*Nine papers Published in Different Journals in Different Universities.

Teaching Experiences:-







*Advance Semantics

*Advance Encountering Text

*English for ESP

*Research method

*Modern Schools of Linguistics


*Supervising a number of M.A Students and Co-supervisor to a number of Ph.D. Students in addition to undergraduate.

Other Experiences:-

*Member of Academic council in North Kordofan College.

*Member of administrative board –Alobied Technical college.

*Officer, Military corporation company.

*Manager, Khartoum Transportation company.

*Member of administrative board , Alausra Excelence Schools.

*Member of Albir humanness Organization.

*Member of Khair Alzad Organization.

Executive work:-

*Commissioner of Alsalam Locality.


*Prof. Albathani – University of Khartoum –Faculty of Economics .

*Prof. Ahmed Ibraheem Alfaig.-University of Khartoum – Faculty of Geography.

*Prof.Ajab Aldor –University of Kordofan-Faculty of Medicine

*Prof . Maryud Alnaow –University of Kordofan –Faculty of Natural Reourse.