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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. El-Kheir Omer Suliman

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Academic Qualifications:-

PhD. in Political Science from the Sudan Academy of Sciences, majoring in International Relations, March 2011

Master of Political Science from the Alzaeim Alazhazri University, Faculty of Political Science & Strategic Studies, August 2004. 

Bachelor of (Honour) in five years, in political science from f Alzaeim Alazhazri University, Faculty of Political Science & Strategic Studies, June 2002.

Professional qualifications:-

Training courses and workshops:-

Training courses

1. A Course on training the trainers in the national strategic planning from the Institute of Research & Strategic Studies in Khartoum –Sudan, in 2011, covering the followings:-

2.. Political strategic planning. 

3. . . Strategic planning in international relations.

4. Decision-making.

5. National and humanitarian security.


• Doha Forum and Enriching the Economic Future of the Middle East-Doha- Qatar- June 2013.

• Doha Forum on the New Security Threats in the Sahel, the Sahara, North Africa and the Horn of Africa and their Impact on the Security of the Gulf- Doha- Qatar May 2013. 

• Workshop on the Strategic Perspective of the Sudan's Relationship with Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, April, 2011.

• Workshop on the Darfur Problem and the Prospects of Solution, Addis Ababa, April, 2011. 

• Workshop on Combating Terrorism in Africa at the Centre for Studies and Researches on Terrorism affiliated to the African Union in collaboration with the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies, Khartoum, March 2011. 

• A Course on Training the Trainers in the Strategic Planning & the National Security at the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies, Khartoum, December2007.

• A Course on the National Strategic Planning at the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies, Khartoum, October, 2007.

• A member of the General Federation of Sudanese Authors & Writers. 

• A member of the Sudanese Journalists Union

• Chairman of the Committee on Information and the Protocolfor Convocation of Senior Management Fellowship in December 2011.

• Consultant and Part-time Manager of Decision Supporting at the Federal Ministry of Social Welfare & Security Federal March 2009 March 2010.  

• Collaborative Researcher and in charge of a partnership between Qatar Centre for Strategic Studies and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy in Switzerland. 

• Collaborative Researcher with the Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development in Addis Ababa.


• Ability to manage academic debates and dialogues with great efficiency.

• Ability to professionally present ideas and visions.

• The ability to build professional relationships which are required to develop work and performance.

• Ability to communicate with others and gain their trust as parts of the requirements of the intellectual and academic research works. 

• Ability to analysis and the deduct ion of conclusions through unconventional methods. 

• Ability to deal with different mass media.

Current position:-

• Advisor at Center for Strategic Studies in Qatar.

• Regional Director for SY Consultancy Group for the Middle East and North Africa. The  Company's main office in New York and advisor to the National Academy for Training Specialist in Doha (sponsor only).

• professor and visiting scholar at the University of West Georgia, USA, Division of Social Sciences Faculty of Political Science and planning for the academic year 2014-2015m

Associate Professor of political science at the University of Kordofan Peace & development center.

Adviser to the National Academy for Professional Training – Qatar – Doha  

Previous position:-

• Assistant Professor of political science at the University of Karari and a coordinator of master program on strategic studies, from January 2012 to January 2013.

• Director, Center for Leaderships Training from March 2011 to August 2012 at the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies.

• Assistant Director, Center for Leaderships Training in July 2009 at the Higher Academy for Strategic and Security Studies.   

• Head of the Department of Academic Research and Studies on  Strategic Studies in 2008

• Researcher, at the Center for Information and Decision Support Center at the Higher Academy for Strategic Studies in 2006. 

• Faculty Member of the Higher Academy for Strategic Studies from March 2006-to November 2011.

Teaching activities:-

1. Teaching international relations as major load, includingissues and topics of strategic planning in the international relations. 

2. The teaching of political strategic planning. 

3. Teaching political systems (in addition to the theoretical framework of the subject it included teaching the Arabic political systems and comparative systems). 

4. Teaching drawing up and making of political decisions.

5. Teaching of political sociology. 

Specialization in the area of research:-

Thedevelopments of thestrategic situation in the Middle East and the rolesof theregional and international actors( states and non-state)

The focusing areas in the specialization:-

1. Regional actors: in terms of permanents and changing variables. (Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel).

2.  International actors: in terms of permanents and changing variables. (America, China, Russia, India, the European Union).

3.Thecommon denominatorbetween the two bases of thespecializationis the new security threats resulting from astrategicbreakawayin the areaextendedfrom North Africa through the Middle East to the South and East and Central Asia, coupled with the emergence of the phenomenon of the so-calledstrategicdecline ofcertainareassuch as theMiddle East, and the Atlantic Basin for the benefit ofthe Asian space in the Souththe Eastand the Center. Thearmed groupswithextremist thinking that depend onterrorismand the extraterritorial violence to achieve their goalsareone of the new most critical threats to thesecurity.

Training activities:-

6. Designing training courses in strategic planning.

7. Designing workshops and seminars on issues of strategy and national security.

8. Supervising implementation of trainings and directing debates in seminars, workshops and in training courses on issues related to the strategy and national security. 

9. Planning for regional and international conferences on issues of strategy and national security.

10. Foundation of decision support centres that run through a security and strategy database exclusively providing scientific and technological support for the decision taken. 

11. Coordination and organization of specialized training courses on strategic and security issues inside and outside the Sudan and supervising scholars. 

12. Member of the National Committee on High Management Fellowship January 2011 to December 2011 (a training programme to upgrade and develop the performance of civil servants in Sudan). 

13. Rapporteur of the Academic Committee on High Management Fellowship namely the scientific mechanismon designing and coordination of training within the training program for the senior leaderships of the Republic of the Sudan, from December 2010 January 2011. 

14. Researcher and associate coach at the Future Trends Foundation for Strategic Studies and Dialogue, Riyadh-Sudan from February 2008 to December, 2010.

15. Advisor on training and consulting at the Sudanese Network for Training and Capacity-building in the Sudan, from March 2009 to December 2012. 

16. Advisor collaborating with the Consulter Center forTraining and Strategic Studies affiliated to Al HamadiGroup, Dubai- U.A.E.

Authored Works:-

• A book on the Political Decision in Sudan in 286 pages,February 2005. 

• A book on The Future of the Sudan under International Competition, in 300 pages, April 2012. 

Models of research and academic papers:-

• Strategic Challenges in the Arab world with a focus on terrorism( Jihadists Group)

• strategic developments of the situation in the Middle East and its impacts on the global security.

• the impact of the growing activity of non-state actors in the Middle East and North Africa on the global security. (Joint paper with Professor George Kheih –west Georgia university)

• Dimensions of international intervention in Darfur under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, in the 80 pages including the supplements, presented at Higher Academy for Strategic Studies-August 2006. 

• A strategic report submitted for the Sudan Centre for Research and Strategic Studies entitled: “The Perceptions of the Elites of the Southern Sudanese concerning the Issues of Unity and Separation, January 2008.

• The Strategic Perspective of Maintaining the Unity of the Sudan: A political Preface presented to the Peace ResearchesInstitute of the University of Khartoum, July 2011.

• The Political Dimensions of the Freedom of Expression in the Developing Countries. Submitted to the National Assembly (Sudanese Parliament) as part of a workshop on dimensions of freedom of expression in developing countries, October2011

• The Political Threats to the National Security in the Context of the Arab Spring . presented to the national security of individual state summit, September 2013 , Doha , Qatar.

Additional activities:-

• Worked as a journalist in the Sudanese press and I posted more than a hundred articles on strategic and security issues. 

• Worked as a columnist with Al-Sahafa and Akher Lahza daily papers for more than three years 2006-2008. 

• Work as a producer and presenter of radio programs in myfield of expertise and I have 75 hours of radio broadcasts which I have prepared and presented (titled convergence of strands and the Sudan and the conflict of international interests). These programs focused on discussing security issues and the strategy of which concern Sudan in its local, regional and international context, from March 2008 to March 2010. 

• I prepare and present a TV program, through Al-Amal (hope) TV channel. It is titled “Al-Aboor” i.e. space transit, which is considered to be an attempt to present a TV program  withstrategic nature in terms of the way in which strategic issues were presented and tackled, from April 2010 to date.

Part-time Director of theFuture Foundation for Consultancy ResearchedinSudan

before moving to Doha and  joining the Centre for StrategicStudiesJanuary2013