University of Kordofan Staff Members

PERSONAL INFORMATION Omar Ahamed Mohammed Eldoma               
  325, Elgala street , Elobied city , postcode,51111, Sudan
 Replace with telephone number  249 127120701       
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Sex: Male

Date of birth :04/07/1974

 Nationality: Sudanese  





vA staff of department of extension training –Instituted of Gum Arabic Researchers and Desertification Studies – University of Kordofan –Elobeid – Sudan. 

vInspector of  Kordofan university metrological station .


vMetrological monitor-                        2012

vOne year in Acacia Company            -2004

vCooperative teaching assistant faculty in natural resources .and environmental studies.                  2007-2015

vGum Arabic techniques tapping             2005

vNursery techniques                                 2004

vSocial data collection and group discussion  2005-2015

v Computer skills                                       2004

v Cooperative in teaching about 7 years in

vPrimary School.                                              1997-2004


PERSONAL SKILLS:     Metrology data collection

                                            collection data base of gum arabic

Mother tongue Arabic language
V.good Excellent good good V.good
Communication skills  
Organisational / managerial skills

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Job-related skills

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  good command of quality control processes (currently responsible for quality audit)

Computer skills

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Microsoft power point

Microsoft  Excel

Multi media skills.

Other skills

Play foot ball

Play piano



No Topic Year
1 Management of Acacia syal natural stand for production of Gum Talha in south kordofan 2013
2 The interface between the Human being and their Environment 2014
3 Comparative study of natural organic versus Inorganic coagulants for potable water treatment 2012
4 Assessment of Damage  by Tree locust using ground surveys and Remote sensing data 2012
5 Boswellia papyrifera : Aproduct of Nature and Future Resource 2011
6 Analysis of Gum Arabic and Resin Dry lands of Ethiopia and Sudan 2012
7 Acacia sengal Agro forestry System 2010
8 Gum production as dependent on the Age of Hashab Tree: Mathematical modeling. 2010
9 Assessment of Wood Species Diversity in Elain Area North Kordofan State. 2008
10 Fractionation ; Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Acacia polyacantha gum 2009
11 The impact of microfinance on poverty Alleviation in Sudan : A case study of Kordofan Region 2009
12  Gum Arabic specification 2014
13 Forest National Corporation Experiment in gum Arabic producers management & organization 2010
14 Risks facing Gum Arabic Producers during picking and collection 2014
15 The Impact of Microfinance on Poverty Alleviation in Sudan A case  study of  Kordofan Region 2009


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