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Mohammed Gassim Mokhtar Badawi


Mohammed Gassim Mokhtar Badawi

Elobeid, Northern Kordofan State, Republic of the Sudan

Cell: 00249911324650

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Ph. D. Arabic linguistics

Thesis: The Misseria’s Dialect

Sudan university, Khartoum, Sudan

M.Edu, teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers

Thesis: The curriculum of Arabic language for the primary schools in Chad( an evaluation study)

Khartoum international institute
1992-1994 Diploma des etudes en languge francaise( DELF) Ndjamena, Tchad
1986-1990 Bachelor of Art, Arabic language Universite Islamique au Niger


Languages: Arabic, English and French        

Professional affiliations:

Modern Languages Association, (MLA) U.S.A
American Association of Teachers of Arabic, (A.A.T.A),U.S.A
Loan Words in Messeria’s Dialect

Kordofan Journal


Frist issue 2013
The factors that divide language to dialect Kordofan Journal  
Languge contact and it’s lexical effect in Chadian Arabic Kordofan Journal  

Historical spread of the Arabian pastoralists to eastern

African Sahel evidenced by the association of lactase

persistence -13,915*G allele and mitochondrial DNA

American Journal of human biology


Am J Hum Biol 2016; e22950 VC 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

Alu insertion polymorphisms in the African Sahel and the origin of Fulani


Annals of human biology



VOL. 44, NO. 6, 537–545

Genetic Structure of the Western and Eastern African Sahel/Savannah Belt and the Role of Nomadic Pastoralists as Inferred from the Variation of D-Loop Mitochondrial

DNA Sequences

American Journal of human biology


Human Biology, Fall 2017, v. 89, no. 4, pp. 281–302. doi: 10.13110/humanbiology.89.4.02. Copyright c 2018 Wayne State University Press, Detroit, Michigan 48201



Language and identity Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt April 2015
Arabic Language and literature beyond the boarders

Hankuk university,

Seoul, Korea

October 2016
Egypt and Africa Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt April 2017

Articles under   publication:    
The linguistic impacts of Baggara tribes migration to   sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of University of Holy Quran and & Islamic Studies, El-obeid  
A sociolinguistic study for some official letters of ancient Chadian kingdoms Journal of African studies, International University of Africa,Khartoum  
A sociolinguistic study for some “ tune of speech” in classical Arabic Kordofan Journal for Art & Humanitarian studies, University of Kordofan  


Teaching Excellence Award. DLI, Monterey, CA, U.S.A 2003