University of Kordofan Staff Members

Curriculum Vitae


1. Personal Information

Name                           Dr. Mujtaba Mohamed Sal’lam Ahmed

Nationality                         Sudanese

National Number              1818-8116-034

Gender                               Male

Marital Status                     Married

Religion                               Islam

Date of Birth                       August 28th, 1984

Place of Birth                     Sudan - North Kordofan -Umrawaba

Position                               Assistant Professor at University of Kordofan

Scientific Degree                 PhD in English Language "Applied Linguistics"

Specialization                     English Language and Literature

Area of Interest                   Linguistics – Literature - Translation

Address                                   Sudan - El Obeid – University of Kordofan
Email                                        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tell.                                        +249-912407208 - +249121733733

2. Language Proficiency

  Reading Writing Speaking
Language Excellent Fair Weak Excellent Fair Weak Excellent Fair Weak
Arabic (1st language) X     X     X    
English (2nd language) X     X     X    
French (3rd language)     X     X     X

3. Academic Qualifications

3. 1 Third University Degree, 2018

Degree: PhD. In Applied Linguistics

University: University of Kordofan

Department: Department of English Language

Specialization: English language

Title of Thesis:  Impact of Segmental and Suprasegmental Phonemes in Learning Speaking in English as foreign language - A Case Study of University of Kordofan – Faculty of Arts - (Applied Linguistics)

3.2 Second University Degree, 2015

Degree: M.Sc. In Applied Linguistics

University: University of Kordofan

Department: Department of English Language

Specialization: English language

Title of Thesis:  Effect of Segmental and Supra-Segmental phonemes in learning English as foreign language a Case Study of University of Kordofan – Faculty of Education - (Applied Linguistics) -

3.3 First University Degree, 2009

Degree: B.A. (first class – Honors), University of Kordofan Faculty of Arts, North Kordofan, Sudan

Faculty: Faculty of Arts

Specialization: English Language and Literature

3.4 Secondary School Certificate: 2003

Certificate: "Sudan Higher Secondary School Certificate - (2000- 2003).

School: El-Sadaga Alalamia Higher Secondary School





4. Computer Literacy

4.1 Excellent Computer Skills

(Word processing and data analysis) and experience in operating The following Computer Programs:

Software Use
All versions of: Windows; Microsoft Word; Word Perfect; Microsoft PowerPoint; Microsoft Excel; SAS; Harvard Graphics; SPSS for Windows; Photoshop, Corel Draw,.. etc. Computer Operating; Word Processing; Statistical Analysis; Slides and Presentations, Operating System Formatting & New Installation and Internet.

4.2 Certificates in Computer Science:

Certificates Place Date
Several Training Programs in different applications University of Kordofan 2009
Diploma in Computer Science Vision for smart system 2018
Introduction and Application to Computer Science Elsheheed center 2005

5. General Professional Background

-          2007 – 2009 Worked As Computer Program Designer In El-Zamala Printing Institution.

-          2009-2011 Worked As Teaching Assistant In University Of Kordofan, Faculty Of Arts Department Of English Language And Literature

-          2011 – 2013 Worked as Teaching Assistant in University of Holy Quran - Faculty of Languages Department of English language – Khartoum.

-          2014 working as A head of information and internet Dep. in Elhilal News paper – Khartoum.

-          2015 Worked as Administrative Manager in the International Relationship – University of Kordofan

-          2015 up-to-date Working as Assistant Professor at Faculty of Education – University of Kordofan

5.1 University Teaching Experience

9 Years’ experience in teaching courses at University Undergraduate level:

  1. 1.Applied linguistics courses; "Phonetics, Phonology, syntax, semantics, morphology, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics".
  2. 2.Literature courses: "17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Century Literature", American literature, African Literature and Drama.
  3. 3.Other Sub-courses: Translation (I, II, III), TopicsforDebate, Advance writing, Intensive and Extensive Reading, Developing Vocabulary and English language productive Skills.

6. Training Courses

2008-2008  Al Shiheed Center Diploma In Computer Science
2009 – 2009 Sudan Vision For Smart System Diploma In Computer Science

7. Workshops

-          Training Course for Promotion and Development of Performance in the Field of Total Quality Management in Higher Education 2017.

-          Training Course for developing the academic performance of faculty of education staff.

-          Training Course on Origins and Foundation of University Teaching 2019.








8. Scientific published papers

-          The Syntactical Difficulties Facing English Learners in the Secondary schools in Elobied Town – North Kordofan State – Sudan (Internal Journal of Scientific Progress and Research (JSPR) Issue 108, volume 38, November 01.2016

-          Effects of Segmental Phonemes in Learning English Language - a Case study at Kordofan University – Faculty of Arts. "Published"

-          Impacts of segmental and Supra-Segmental phonemes in Learning English Language Speaking as Foreign Language – a Case Study at Kordofan University – Faculty of Education.

9. Published Books

-          Mujtaba Mohamed S. Ahmed. Methods & Mechanism of Human Speech Production -Noor-publishing - Brivibas gatve 197, LV-1039, Riga Latvia, European Union: ISBN: 978-613-9-42766-6.
-          Mujtaba Mohamed S. Ahmed (2019).  Impacts of segmental and Supra-segmental phonemes in learning English language. Printed and published in Noor-publishing - Brivibas gatve 197, LV-1039, Riga Latvia, European Union: ISBN 978-613-9-42830-4.

9. Research Supervision

-          Academic Supervision over 300 B.A. Thesis's between (2015 – 2019)

-          Internal examiners for (12 M.A Thesis)

10. Prize and Scholarship

* Certificate of Achievements (Outstanding English Debater in PETRONAS Intervarsity English Debate Competition paved in University of Khartoum July 2008).

11. Abilities

~        Self driven Person

~        Aim so much at exact deadline

~        Working at any challenging environment

~        Working much comfortable in computer and sub skills.

~        Has language competence and working language

12. Hobbies

-          Debating

-          Traveling 

-          Watching Films, Reading Novels and Magazines

-          Voluntary Service For The Poor

13. Driving License and Military services

-          Valid Driving License and free from military service

14. References

-          Prof. Ahmed Abduallah A/Aldour

University of Kordofan – faculty of Medicine

Past Vice Chancellor of Kordofan University

Tel: +249-912356654

-          Associate Prof. Abdurahman Elshreef Abdurahman

University of Kordofan

Tel: 249-912155309

-          Assistant Prof. Elzein Musa Jumaa Elimam

University of Kordofan – Faculty of Education

Head of English Department

Tel: +249-912244817