University of Kordofan Staff Members

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Curriculum vitae

Personal data:

Adam Ahmed Farah NasrDr. Name
Analytical Chemistry Specialization

Department of Chemistry Faculty of Education

University of Kordofan.

Tel: 0918037787 + 01249334418. Telephones
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                                             01/01/1974, North Kordofan State Date & Place of Birth
Arabic, and English Languages (Fluent). Language      
Muslim. Religion
Married. Marital Status

University Education:

2014:  PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Chemical Technology Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Gezira

2007: M.Sc. In Analytical Chemistry Faculty of Engineering and   Technology, Chemical Technology Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Gezira.

2002: B.Sc. Honors, In General Chemistry, Faculty of Education, University of El Fashir.


Place Date Workshops/training course
University of Kordofan 1th to 27th-May 2007 Participated in the intensive course preparation for IELTS.
University of Khartoum. 17th April – 26th July 2013 Completed and Successfully two-level intensive English Language Program me.
University of Kordofan 9th 2009 English Language Enhancement Workshop (American Discussion Club).

Working Experiences:

1999-2000: Teaching in High Secondary School.

2000-2001: Teaching in Laboratory of chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Kordofan as Part timer TA.

2007-2010: Teaching general, analytical, organic and inorganic and Biochemistry chemistry, Faculty of Education, University of Kordofan.  

2007-2010: Head department of chemistry, Faculty of Education, University of Kordofan.


1. The Effect of Temperature of acidulation on Available Phosphorous Contents in some Sudanese Phosphate Rocks, Sudan Journal of Basic Science (C), (2013),20: 1-12

2. Solubility Test of Partially Acidulated of Sudanese Phosphate Rocks in Conventional Solvents.

3. Total and available phosphorus contents of Sudanese phosphate rocks as affected by the digestion method. (Under Publication).


Supervisor of Three (3) postgraduate student Researches (M.Sc. degree in Analytical Chemistry).

Co-Supervisor of Three (3) postgraduate students Researches (Master degree).


INTERNAL EXAMINER of Six (6) postgraduate students researches (Master Degrees).


Prof. El naiem Abdalla Ali (Agriculture Research Corporation) Madani. Tel: 0912888374

Prof. Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed (Sudanese Atomic Commission)        

Dr. Mohammed Osman Babiker University of Gezira. Tel: 0911104114