University of Kordofan Staff Members

                                                               Faculty of Computer Science and Statistical Studies
NO Name Department/ Section/Unit Specialty Sub Specialt
 1 MAZIN KAMIL MOHAMMED HAMID  Computer Science  Computer Science Software engineeri
 2 Omer Mohammed Ali Modawy  Computer Science  Computer Science and information technologies Computer Science
 3 Mugtaba Fudelelmola Elsafi Elnour  Computer Science  Computer Science and data base security security
4 Dr. Mohammed Bakry Obeid Mohammed  statistical  statistical statistical
5 Wesal Gamaa AlNour ali  Information technologies  Computer Science Computer Science
6 Shireen Saleh Hummeida Saleh  Computer Science  Computer Science Computer Science
7 Alla Ahmed Dafa Allah  Computer Science  Computer Science Computer Science
8 Dr. Hamid Mousa Mohamed  Computer Science  Computer Science Information security