University of Kordofan Staff Members

Ali Musa Abakar Eissa

P. o. box 160, Elobeid, Sudan P

hone: +249 912990387


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Date of birth: 01.01.1969

Nationality: Sudanese


  • 2010 PhD Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum 2000

Job and managerial competencies

 From October 2009-up to date. Deputy Dean Faculty of Natural resources& environmental Studies, University of Kordofan.

 From October 2000 – Current, Lecturer at the faculty of Natural resources environmental Studies, University of Kordofan.

 Facilitator in consultative workshops of Civil Society in the area of disaster , risk management and conflict over natural resources.

 Designed and conduct a study on gender vulnerabilities to food insecurity in Sudan.

Supervise researches in the areas of food and livelihoods security, poverty, resource economics, marketing and value chain analysis and gender.

 2001-2005 Coordinator of postgraduate program in the department of Agricultural Economics and rural development, University of Kordofan.

 Supervisor of postgraduate student at department of agri-business and enterprise development , Kenyatta University , Kenya

Work Experience in Africa

 Resource person for Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) since 2007.

 Supplement for East and Central Africa Committee (ECA-RAFT) of ANAFE organization since 2009.

 Coordinator of University of Kordofan relations with universities in Africa and AAU since 2008.

 Visiting lecturer at department of agricultural Economics, faculty of Agriculture, University of Nairobi July 2011

Attended Training courses, workshops and conference:

ü Sensitization conference for Engaging French Speaking Sub Saharan African Tertiary Agricultural Education institutions into the Comprehensive Agricultural Development Program (CAADP), organized by Government of Burkina Faso, ANAFE, CTA, FARA, NEPA from 28-30 November 20011, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

ü Ministerial Conference on Higher education in Agriculture in Africa, Kampala 15-19 November 2010, organized by Regional Universities Forum For Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM).

ü Focal institution workshop in Eastern and Central Africa Regional Agricultural Forum for Training (ECA-RAFT) University of Nairobi, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS) 27th – 28th October 2010 , organized by ANAFE , Nairobi, Kenya, Methodist Guest House and Conference Centre.

ü Building Critical Mass in Science Technology and Innovation in Agriculture, the engine for economic growth 19-21 October 2009, Johannesburg, South Africa.

ü NATURA- RUFORUM Partnership planning workshop, Ridar Hotel, Mukono, Uganda 21-26 May 2008.

ü Sub-Regional Workshop for East and Southern Africa, Analyzing the Agricultural Science Technology and Innovation System (ASTI), Lusaka, Zambia 30th June-4th July 2008.

ü RIFORUM- ASARECA proposal and scientific writing workshop, Entebbe, Uganda, 10-18 September, 2007.

ü Science and Technology supporting food security in Africa 28 September -1 October, 2009 Africa crop Science Society Conference, Cape Town, South Africa.

ü Visiting flow student in PhD program courses in SAM, CGE modeling and poverty and inequality, Catholic University, Piacenza, Italy, Feb.-March, 2008.

ü Applied CGE model with GAMS, ECOMOD School of Economic modeling, Bangkok. Thailand during 13-22 Jan. 2007.

ü Climate Change and Natural Resource Use in Eastern Africa: Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation, Multi Media University College of Kenya: 19th – 21st May 2010

ü Women, law and development, A gender and Human Rights perspective- Development Studies and Research Institute – in collaboration with European Union - University of Khartoum, During 27 May-8 June 2006.

ü Early Warning Program preparedness workshop organized by CARE-international during the period 1-6th April 2005-North Kordofan.

Countries of experience Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Italy, South Africa, Thailand

Technical competencies

ü More than ten years experience in multidisciplinary agricultural research.

ü Very good experience in micro and macro economic theory.

ü Excellent in econometrics estimation and statistical skills.

ü Experience in research of gender development.

ü Strong experience in poverty, food security and vulnerability assessments.

ü Very good experience in impact assessment and evaluation.

ü Teaching and advising undergraduate as well as Masters Students in courses including macroeconomics, Econometrics, Resources Economics, Agricultural Finance, Agricultural policies , statistics and mathematical economy.

ü Good in analyze, conceptualize and research writing skills.

ü Excellent in Leadership of multidisciplinary team leading teams.

Computer skills:

ü Proficient in several computer programs (PovStat, PovCall,SimSip,Wadasi,VCA and GAMS)

ü Very good in using Microsoft office (word, excel, PowerPoint).

ü Excellent in using SPSS software.

ü Very good in application of Windasi and commodity Chain Anlysis (CCA)

Studies and reports

1. Experience of Sudanese Red Crescent Society in establishing and applying disaster preparedness program. A report submitted to SRCS Elobied Office in 2002.

2. Assessment of agricultural policy adjustment in Arab countries. A report submitted to AOAD Khartoum.2002

3. Integration of gender into agricultural research and its implication in food security. Case of Sudan A report submitted to ECAPAPA of SARECA.2004.

4. Analyzing the Impacts of Policy Reforms on the Consumption of Fertilizers and Seeds by the Sudanese Agriculture A Final Report Submitted to ECAPAPA, ASARECA. 2002.

5. The production economics of eggplant in Kordofan.2004.

6. Great Kordofan Resources Management (IFAD) baseline survey data entry and analysis.2003.

7. CARE international Elobied office Food Security Project annual assessment – field work team leader.2002.

8. Sudanese Red Crescent Society HQ. Vulnerability and capacity assessment Study and training in North Kordofan 2006.

9. Sudanese Red Crescent Society HQ. Vulnerability and capacity assessment Study and training in Red Sea State 2006.

10. Post conflict Darfur Agricultural rehabilitation strategy , focal person for three months , September , 2008.

11. Livelihood assessment of flood porn areas in Sudan, Sudanese Red crescent Society HQ , Feb. 2008


ü Raga Mohamed Elzaki and Ali Musa Abakar Poverty among the Social Groups: Effects on Farming Systems and Resources Allocation the Case of Rural Sudan, paper submitted to ERF, Eygpt, 2006.

ü Raga Mohamed Elzaki1; Eltighani Mirghani Elamin2; Shams Eldein H. Ahmed 3 ; Ali Musa Essia4; Azharia Abdelbaghi Elbushar5 and Ali Abdelaaziz salih6 Comparative Advantage Analysis of the Crops Production in the Agricultural Farming Systems in Sudan 2006.

ü Ali Musa Abakar and Ali Abd Elaziz Salih poverty and inequality in agriculture sector of Sudan paper submitted in , African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND)

ü Ali Musa Abakar and Ali Abd Elaziz Salih poverty and inequality in industrial sector of Sudan, paper accepted on 15th septmber 2011 scholarly journals (in press).

ü Ali Musa Abakar and Ali Abd Elaziz Salih current situation, future prospect of poverty and inequality in Sudan paper accepted on 19th September 2011, International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research Academy (IJMRA)(in press)

ü Ali Musa Abakar and Ali Abd Elaziz Salih poverty and inequality in services sector of Sudan paper submitted in 5th January 2011, International Journal of Economics and Finance.

Experience in Training and Capacity Building:

1. Facilitator of SOS Sahel workshop on conflict over Natural Resources in North Kordofan 2010.

2. Spanish Red Cross evaluation of training program in Damazin, Wau, Renk 2006.

3. Spanish Red Cross facilitator of Damazin training of trainer workshop 2005.

4. Spanish Red Cross facilitator of Wau training of trainer workshop 2005.

5. Spanish Red Cross facilitator of Renk training of trainer workshop 2005.

6. Spanish Red Cross facilitator of Malakal training of trainer workshop 2005.

7. Spanish Red Cross facilitator of Renk refreshment training of trainer workshop 2005.