University of Kordofan Staff Members

Curriculum vitae

•    Personal data

Name    Intisar El Nour Ibrahim Ismail
Specialization    Major:  Animal Production - Minor : Small Ruminant Nutrition
Permanent addresses     Department of Animal Production- Faculty of  Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
University of Kordofan
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•    Area of interest
Animal Production

Eco-physiology for small ruminant  
Scientific Research on Desert Goats Production

•    University Education

2014  PhD  of Animal Production  (Eco-physiology)
o    , University of  Kordofan, El Obeid - Sudan
o    2002-    MSc. Animal Production Science    
o    , University of Kordofan
1995    BSc. of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (Animal Science)   
o    University of Kordofan
•    Professional background
o    In chronological order
•    Workshops/training/courses
Workshop/training course    Date    Place
The basic course in Staff Strengthening Capacity    2007    Khartoum
Participant in workshop of the curriculum of curriculum – Faculty of Education.     2013    El Obeid
Participant in Capacity Building workshop on practical project cycle and proposal writing on Dry Land Research Centre    2013    El Obeid
Participant in Reporting and Descriptions of Scientific Department    2012    El Obeid
Training course in University management Focusing to Quantity Assurance at higher Education      2013    El Obeid

•    Work experiences

•    Department of educational Biology Head  1992 - 2002
•    The faculty of education dean 2003 - 2005    

•    Hobbies

-    Reading

•    Referees

-    Prof. Fisal Mohamed Ahmed El Hag
-    Tel. 0912759675
-    Dr. Slaam  Abd El Fadeil Bakheit
-     Tel. 0124522333
-    Dr. Idris Yagoub Ahmed
-    Tel. 012755705