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Curriculum vitae

•    Personal data

Name    Jumaa Barram Jadalla
Specialization    Major agricultural Sciences, Animal Production minor Nutrition
Date/place of birth    January 1st ,1956  
Nationality    Sudanese
Languages    Arabic, English
Permanent addresses     Department of Animal Production…………….
Faculty Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
University of Kordofan
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

•    University Education

o    2004-2007    PhD Animal Nutrition, University of Kordofan, Elobeid, Sudan
o    1992-1994    M Sc. animal production , Nutrition, University of \Khartoum,
o    1981-1983    BSc. Agricultural Seines, Animal Production, University of Alexandria, Egypt
o    Shambat Higher Agricultural Institute Diploma. (if applicable)
•    Professional background
•    Year            Designation                Institute
•    1979-1981-             Range research technician.         Agricultural research Corporation, Sudan
•    .1984-1995                 Range inspector                                    Ministry of Agriculture, Sudan
•    1995—1998              lecturer                                                 University of Kordofan
•    1998-2002             assistant  professor                                    University of Kordofan
•      200-2014            Associate    Professor                                 University of Kordofan
•        April 2014…         Professor                                                University of Kordofan
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•    Workshops/training/courses

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•    Conferences/symposia
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•    Publications

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Jadalla, J.B., M.A.M. Tibin, M.A. Ali1, Y.I. Abutaba and M.A. Ebrahiem
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Jadalla, J.B., H.A. Glallyn, M.A. Ali, Y.I. Abutaba and M.A. Ebrahiem
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    * Professor Muna Mahgoub Mohamed Ahmed Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Khartoum , Sudan (2-3 persons)
    Professor Dr Amir Mohamed Salih , Faculty of Animal Production , University of Khartoum Sudan
    Professor Dr Abdul Monueim Mukhtar Abu Nekhaila, Faculty of Animal Production , University of Khartoum Sudan