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Curriculum vitae

  • Personal data
Name Gwahir Aboh Hamad Allah Albashir
Specialization Major:   MLS  minor :clinical chemistry
Permanent addresses

Department of MLS

Faculty of medicine and health sciences

University of Kordofan

Tel. 0915475324

Fax -

E-mail: jwahir 254@gmail .com


  • Area of interest (2-3 areas)

Molecular study and bio informatics.

  • University Education
  • 2007-2014 BSc. Medical laboratory ,University of Kordofan , Elobeid ,Sudan .
  • Prizes and scholarships

First place in advance academic computation   in medical laboratory sciences in Sudan.

  • Hobbies (2-5)

Travelling out of the Sudan to study more advance in my specialization .

  • Referees (2-3 persons)

Prof / Ahmed Abdalla Ajab Adour .

Dr/ Hussein Hamid Mohammed Hamed.

Dr/Nizar Ali Ahmed